Sports Leader Training

Our Sports Leader training enables KS2 children to train to lead Multiskills activities and games during break times and lunchtimes, whilst an adult facilitator overseeā€™s the sessions.

The KS2 children apply to become Sports Leaders and undergo training to enable them to plan fun and interesting activities for the younger children in the school. They work in small groups, with a rota for the week, so they take it in turns, volunteering once or twice a week to lead activities. The groups then split into pairs and while one pair lead the first activity, a second pair will be setting up the next activity. Once the group have moved onto the second activity the first pair, then set up the third activity, and so on.

A South Coast Sports Coach will teach the trainee leaders about the kind of activities they should be planning, and support them in recognising how long each activity should last and how to enable those more able to progress to a harder task, while those less able can be assisted.

The Coach will oversee the sessions and offer support and guidance as and when it is required. The Leaders grow in confidence and imagination as the terms progress and the Ks1 children love the variety and excitement of the extra activities laid on at lunchtime. Leaders are observed by coaches and given feedback and constructive criticism for to work on.

This is a really popular lunchtime provision and all factions of the school reap the rewards, in different ways.

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