PPA Cover

“We have organised our PPA cover with South Coast Sports for many years and I am yet to find a time when they do not pull out all the stops to accommodate our needs.”Camelsdale Primary School

South Coast Sports offer curriculum time sessions to fulfil the requirements of an ever increasing number of schools in Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset. These sessions are often in the form of PPA cover.

All sessions are run in line with the National Curriculum and sessions are carefully planned by Coaches, to achieve the schools targets and challenge the children and all assessed to date have scored Outstanding in accordance with Ofsted guidelines.

Coaches are experienced in coaching a wide variety of sports and are trained to identify strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Consequently, children are coached both as a group and as individuals, allowing for gifted and talented children to excel, and those that struggle to receive the extra support they need.

South Coast Sports Coaches are renown for their reliability, punctuality, quality of coaching and their high expectations of children’s behaviour.

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