PE Mentoring

Whether you have an NQT joining your team or existing class teachers (and TA’s) who would like to improve their PE knowledge and lesson content, we can help. Our Senior Coaches all have mentoring experience.

Initially your teacher(s) will observe lessons led by our coaches. The coaches will be happy to explain instructions, decisions and progressions during and after the sessions. When the teacher is ready they will begin to lead the sessions with our coach observing and providing feedback during and at the end of each lesson.

Further support is always available and Coaches will provide their contact details to the teacher/s they are working with. The mentoring experience differs for each individual. Some teachers require a few refresher sessions over half a term whilst others may need guidance throughout the school year. We have many schools who use our PE Mentoring scheme as an ongoing part of their CPD and quality assurance in PE.

Experienced teachers of PE benefit from new ideas, as well as increasing confidence in teaching new activities that they had previously avoided due to lack of knowledge or experience in that area. NQT’s and teachers who are not naturally sporty themselves, benefit hugely from seeing our experienced Coaches execute high quality lessons, that challenge the more able, support the less able and engage all. The mentoring process allows these teachers to be supported whilst learning how to teach the highest quality PE lessons.

We will work in partnership with your school to fulfill the needs of your staff.

We can also provide an Ofsted trained Inspector, who specialises in PE, to do assessments on PE lessons. These can be useful prior to and following the mentoring process to illustrate progression and improvement of individual teachers.

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