Children’s Yoga

Children’s Yoga is the newest addition to the South Coast Sports repetoire. We now deliver Yoga sessions during curriculum time, both as one-off events and courses of 6 – 12 weeks.

Schools can choose to link their Yoga sessions to Learning Journey’s or focus on traditional Yoga and its’ many benefits. As ever, we will be delighted to work in partnership with your school to deliver sessions that fulfil your needs.

In addition to and based on the success of Yoga within our schools, we have now created a 6 Week Yoga & Mindfulness Course specifically for children preparing for SAT’s.

The intention behind this is to support the emotional wellbeing of these children in the lead up to SAT’s and to provide them with tools that will help them cope with the pressures of SAT’s.

These sessions will be available during the Spring term and first half of the Summer term each year.
Please contact us for more information & booking.

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