South Coast Sports in Schools

What can we offer your school?

Regular extra curricular activities, weekly curriculum time sessions for PPA or Teacher CPD, one-off and annual sporting events  and the school’s Referee’s Academy or Sports Leader training.

At South Coast Sports we are proud to work with an ever increasing number of schools across Sussex & Hampshire.

We challenge Gifted and Talented children, providing opportunities to extend learning, whilst supporting those less able, to make progress and develop both in confidence and ability.

We believe that every child matters and we will not change our views. Politics can continue around us, but we maintain our firm belief that children are entitled to high quality provision in ALL areas of their curriculum.  We recognise that some children will excel where others flounder and those that struggle in one area may reach high levels of achievement in another area, and those differences in our children are to be celebrated and accommodated.

We understand that your school is unique and it is filled with unique individuals with needs that may be different to others. We work hard to arrange a bespoke provision for each school, and ensure the needs of your school and its’ stakeholders are met.

We would be delighted to discuss your schools requirements with you, whatever your needs, whether large or small, we are confident that you will be impressed with the service provided.

We are happy to provide contact information for other schools we are working with in your area, should you wish to get their feedback on our services.

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