Warden Park Multiskills


Block of 9 Monday after school sessions

8th January -18th March 2024

Multiskills club will run for YR – Y4 pupils

No session on 19/2 due to inset day.



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Multiskills club will run for YR – Y4 pupils.
Our Coach is highly experienced with working across the primary age range and will ensure the session is enjoyable and challenging for all ages.
The session will work on developing and improving a wide range of skills and putting them into practice is game / match settings.
The session will include differentiation for older / more able participants and support for those less able.
The focus in on being active and having fun.
Sessions enhance children’s’ skillset and teach them new things and enable them to succeed and show improvement in other sporting activities.
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Date Slot

8 Jan – 18 Mar

Time Slot

3.00PM – 4.00PM