Billingshurst Primary Battlegames


Block of 13 before school Battlegames sessions on Mondays for children at Billingshurst Primary School for children in Y1 to Y6.


9th September – 9th December 2024





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Children should arrive in PE kit / similar suitable clothing and school uniform should be brought with them in their bag.


These sessions will consist of a mixture of team games where the purpose is to invade the opponents area / zone to score points /goals, and protect your own territory to prevent the opposition from gaining points/goals.
Activities including Dodgeball, Benchball, Handball, Crab Football , Arrows Archery, Laser Tag and much more!!
The focus on this club is to learn and improve new skills whilst playing a variety of interesting FUN games each week and a great way to start your day!





Age Group

Y1 – Y6

Date Slot

9 Sep – 9 Dec

Time Slot

8.00AM – 8.45AM