Lunchtime support

Lunchtime support

Whether you want supervision or organised sport during lunchtime South Coast Sports will be happy to help. We can provide pupil training sessions, such as Sports Leader training. See below for our most popular options:


Supervised Sports and Games

This format lends itself particularly well to extended lunchtimes working with small targeted groups on a rotational basis. However, it can be adapted to suit your school’s needs, including standard lunchtime periods.


Sports Teams Development

Sports Teams Development – e.g. Tournament preparation for Football, Netball, Cricket. This could include training and selection for intra-school and inter-school competitions.


Referees’ Academy

This educates Y5/6 children about the laws of the game, the role of the referee, and player management – enabling them to referee effectively during lunchtimes. The academy was set up because most disputes during break time and lunchtimes are caused by football, or rather the conflicts that arise within the course of a game. Many children find it difficult to control their behavior and emotions when the game does not go their way. It has been a highly successful project, seeing a marked reduction in football-related conflict, and has enabled the Referees to develop leadership skills and a responsible, caring attitude towards younger children in their school.

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