James’ Top 5 Walks

James’ Top 5 Walks

My standard walk on an almost daily basis would be my local beach at Aldwick. I am very lucky that I have a beach so close to me that I can walk down to with my dogs Bella & Willow. I like to go either early in the morning for sunrise or later in the day for sunset, often capturing these moments with a photo or two. It’s nice to see so many different groups of people from individuals, couples, families and of course those walking their dogs.


The sea air comes in off the waves and it revives and refreshes me like nothing else when Depending on what time I go down it gives me a chance to either plan ahead or reflect on the events of the day. If I’m looking for something a bit different, I regularly head inland to the Bluebell Woods. This is also one of my regular places to take my dogs and I find many people looking to explore nature. What I enjoy most about the Bluebell Woods is the vast array of different trees…it might sound silly but I find them fascinating. You also have the option to either stay on the path or get off the beaten track and get in amongst the trees. It’s a safe place to go, it’s clean, tidy and just beautiful. As the name suggests the best time of year to go for many would be when the bluebells blossom in spring…but it is also the busiest.


Next up on my go to walks near me would have to be a little town called Arundel. I grew up here as a little boy and still to this day my fondest memory was spent at Swanbourne Lake. There are many options for your route to take; you can simply do one loop of the lake and finish off with a cuppa and a biscuit in the café. If like me you enjoy being a little more adventurous you can walk out further, there’s a point where you can walk amongst the hills.  Sometimes you can be lucky enough to stumble across wildlife like rabbits, sheep and even birds of prey.


Another route takes you up one hill and out at the very top of Arundel near the castle and the old stables, or you can head over the hills and down into West Stoke before circling back to Arundel if you are feeling truly adventurous. (I recommend taking a map or downloading OS Maps onto your phone if you do not know the area well.)


One of the most popular destinations for many people in the south of England during the summer has to be West Wittering beach. I prefer a quieter environment, so at any time other than during high season, it is truly a wonderful walk. Again, I usualy opt for an early sunrise or sunset walk. There are sand dunes that my dogs like to run up and around but it can also be a lot of fun for children and families. With spectacular views it’s just a wonderful, very well looked after place to walk and one that I thoroughly recommend.


Finally, I would like to finish off with somewhere a little bit different, travelling in the opposite direction to the other places mentioned and stopping at Highdown Hill. Known for being one of the most prominent hills of the South Downs and for its awe-inspiring views. Another place that is very well looked after with trees for the children to play around and multiple routes for the adults to navigate. It’s also great for dogs. On a good clear day I’ve been told you can see part of the Isle of Wight!


The benefits of going on walks are plentiful, from improving your general health and fitness to supporting your emotional health and wellbeing. I find my walks enable me to strengthen my mindfulness and start / finish the day positively. Whether you are on your own or with company there is lots to be enjoyed and nature gifts us so many positive moments to experience along the way.