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Most disputes during breaktime and lunchtimes are caused by Football, or rather the conflicts that arise within the course of a game.  Many children find it difficult to control their behaviour and emotions when the game doesn’t go their way.  Further problems are often caused when goalscorers or players from the winning side are less than gracious in victory, winding other children up and bragging.

Westbourne Primary School, on the Sussex/Hampshire border decided enough was enough, and during the summer term 2012 they began piloting a new scheme to tackle this issue in partnership with SCS.

Children in school Year 4/5 were offered the chance to apply to join the Referee’s Academy. Each child had to complete a written application and 12 children were selected to complete the course.

The course consists of:

3 Classroom sessions (45 minutes each)

  • What makes a Good Referee?
  • Laws of the Game
  • Players

3 Practical sessions (45 minutes each)

These sessions are then followed by a written assessment based on what has been learnt in the classroom sessions and a practical assessment of their refereeing skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, the successful Referees each receive:

  • Referee’s Kit with the Westbourne Logo & RESPECT embroidered on the shirt
  • A Whistle
  • Yellow & Red cards

The Referees are now in Year 5/Year 6 and are taking it in turns to referee football at breaktimes and lunchtimes.

Our Referee’s academy is now in its 4th year, we have seen some great outcomes with those taking part, such as-

  • A marked decrease in playtime confrontations
  • Increased understanding of the Laws of the Game
  • Better attitude towards opponents and officials
  • Dramatic reduction in problems resulting from football coming back into the classroom.

” A highly successful project, that children are keen to get involved in and they look forward to being old enough to become the school’s next referee’s.” Carolyn Brigg – Westbourne Primary School, PE Co-ordinator


This scheme has now been extended into other schools and has been just as successful.  If you’re looking for something a little broader, why not have a look at our Sports Leaders training page.

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